Recently, the team porting Spring to GraalVM released its first major release — the Spring Native Beta. Together with the creators of GraalVM, they managed to fix many bugs in the compiler and in Spring. Now the project has official support, its own release cycle, and can be used.

The most important obstacle to porting code from JVM to binary is the problem of using features unique to java — reflection, classpath handling, dynamic class loading, etc.

According to the documentation, the key differences between the regular JVM and the native implementation are as follows:

Static analysis of the entire…

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In this article I want to introduce you, in my opinion, to one of the most significant innovations in Java since its inception, the Stream API.

What is this? Why? And what are the benefits?

Very often when we write a program, we need to process our data. We use loops or recursive functions to process our data.

The Stream API was created to help users process data faster and easier. The API itself provides a tool that allows us to give us a recipe on how to process objects.

If we draw parallels to the real world, let’s imagine…

At the beginning of October Oracle simplified obtaining of Java certification — instead of two exams now it is necessary to pass one, while the price for the exam has not changed. Who is interested in the level of tasks and more details about the exam, I will describe why I decided to pass, how I prepared, what questions were, and what conclusions I made.

In October I saw the news that Oracle is launching a new exam 1z0–819 instead of the previous 1z0–815 and 1z0–816. Previously, in order to become Oracle Certified Professional, you had to pass two exams…

There is often little time for safety during development, but it is a very important issue. In this series of articles, I will try to describe as simply as possible the main technologies to make your application secure.

In this article we will talk about OAuth. It is an older standard of user authorization, but still very popular in modern internet microservice architecture. Where do we start?

So, what is OAuth? It is a protocol that allows users to delegate their permissions from one service to others. Why is it needed? Could we live without this technology?

For example, say…

We often need some simple and reliable instruments to parse data into POJO. Let’s write such an utility package for our projects.

First of all, we need a base object — Parser. What is his area of responsibility? It should have a public method that returns the desired entity. We need to parametrize this method because we want to get the final object. our raw entity supplier also needs to handle generic objects. Afterward, our Parser may look like:

public class Parser<T> {
public T getBean() {…}

This seems to be good. Let’s dive deep into this method. Our…

A few days ago Spring Boot version 2.3.0.M1 was released. In the first string of the release notes, you can find project CNB mentioned, which is an attempt to simplify developer burden. It can automize build from source code. This is because, in my current project, we use microservices, but in the future, we will move to docker. CNB allows the developer to avoid writing and maintaining docker files.

The developer needs only one command to build a docker image.

Also, CNB supports a lot of interesting and useful technologies, like OCI support, modular structure, and layer caching availability. …

Hello, everybody! In this short article, I want to describe how you can create a simple bean validator with the annotation processor.

Let’s start. In each application we have beans. And in most cases those beans have restrictions on fields. And we want to have a simple instrument to work with them. We have several solutions: for example, we can validate fields inside our bean — in a constructor or setters. Or we can create a builder for this class and perform all the checks inside it. But if you have a simple check, for example, to check for null…

Hello, everybody! In this short article, I want to describe how you can create a filter with the Spring Cloud Gateway framework.

Let’s start. We have a problem: in our company we use microservice architecture. So, we have service discovery and a cloud gateway that are based on Spring technologies and more than one hundred microservices. Each developer has his own area of responsibility — each using a few microservices.

When I want to test my new version of microservice in a developer environment with connections to other services via a gateway, I need to forward all requests from my…

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